Tycon Systems® has been in business since 2008 which grew out of the successful EZ-Bridge® line of point to point wireless products to incorporate power solutions for the wireless and surveillance technology markets. Since then, two major Tycon® Brands have emerged to lead the industry in Wireless, Power over Ethernet, Remote Power and Uninterrupted Power technologies with hundreds of thousands of products shipped globally every year.
    Tycon Systems® has provided products into various industries on every continent except Antarctica. Most recently, Tycon Systems® was awarded the Best of State award in Utah in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and was listed #911 in the 2013 Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies and continues to focus on the core mantra of Power, Community, and Solutions.
Utah Best Of State Awards
Production and Manufacturing - Wholesale Goods 2014
Production and Manufacturing - Electrical/Power Products 2015
Production and Manufacturing - Electrical/Power Products 2016
Production and Manufacturing - Outdoor/Recreational Equipment 2016
Business Services - Industrial Equipment 2016
Production and Manufacturing - Microelectronics 2017
Production and Manufacturing - Electrical/Power Products 2017

Tycon Wireless®

Tycon Wireless®

EZ-Bridge® Point to Point Wireless Bridge, EZ-Go® Access Point, Accessories 

Tycon Wireless® specializes in point to point wireless bridge, base, and access point systems for connecting IP networks. Ease of installation, high performance and affordable pricing are key features of the Tycon Wireless® product line.

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 Tycon Power®

RemotePRO®, UPSPRO™, PoE, Batteries, Solar & Wind Modules 

Tycon Power® Systems makes a variety of power supply and dynamic power conversion products. Remote Power products to run a variety of equipment for off-grid applications. Outdoor UPS products are popular in areas where backup or clean power is needed. PoE products include voltage converters, midspans and switches. All products are designed to operate over industrial temperature ranges and are designed to perform well in harsh environments. With integrated surge suppression and protection, Tycon Power® products help secure a solid system design to protect critical data and expensive equipment.


#TyconWireless #EZBR #EZBridge #EZGOAccessPoint #AccessPoint