277VAC to 220VAC Converter

Item# TP-VC277-220VAC

227VAC to 220VAC Voltage Converter, 400W, Short and Overcurrent protection.

Spec Sheet

The TP-VC277-220VAC voltage converter changes 277VAC to 220VAC 400W.





277VAC is a voltage commonly found on light poles, including light poles on streets and parking lots. This voltage is typically too high to run common equipment such as outdoor UPS systems, security cameras and wireless equipment. By converting the voltage to 220VAC, most common equipment can be powered. The TP-VC277-220VAC provides a respectable 400W output.

The voltage converter has an integrated circuit breaker to protect against short circuits and other current overloads. It operates over a wide temperature range making it suitable for industrial applications.

The TP-VC277-220VAC is compatible with Tycons TP-BC series of battery chargers. It is also compatible with Tycon’s 300W Outdoor UPS Systems like UPS-ST12-200, UPS-ST24-100 or UPS-ST48-50.

Size: 197 x  125 x 67mm  (7.8 x 4.9 x 2.6”)  
Weight: 2.5kg (5.6lb)

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