PoE Crossover Cable for Cambium and Engenius


PoE Shielded Voltage Crossover Cable - Converts standard PoE to reverse polarity PoE. Pins 4,5 (V-) and 7,8 (V+). Cambium, Trango, Engenius.

Spec Sheet

Tycon Power Systems

10/100Mb Power Over Ethernet (POE) voltage shielded crossover cable.

This Ethernet adapter cable allows devices that require non standard POE voltage pinout (4,5 V- and 7,8 V+) to operate on standard passive POE equipment with standard POE pinout (4,5 V+ and 7,8 V-).

Works with certain older models of Cambium, Trango and Engenius, among others.

Allows non-standard passive PoE devices to operate on standard passive PoE inserters.

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