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Typical Uses for EZ-Bridge®

1. Connect your home to your office network. Transfer files, operate remote applications, use printing and online fax resources, synchronize files, backup files: Work efficiently from home.

2. If your business is located in multiple buildings, connect all your buildings together in order to share internet access, do remote printing of forms, access your MRP system from the remote building, provide email and other network services to your remote building.

3. Extend your home network and internet access to a shop, barn, studio located on your property. Share the network resources.

4. Link a video surveillance camera or group of cameras back to a central monitoring station.

5. Connect to a remote sensor station for remote data acquisition and control. We have setup low data rate links up to 10 miles using the EZ-Bridge®.

6. Broadcast a video conference, seminar or presentation to an overflow capacity facility.

7. Share your internet access with a friend or family member up to 4 miles away.

8. View the content of your video server from a remote

9. Link Xbox or Playstation consoles for playing multi player games with a friend across town.


HVAC Monitor and Control Application
Customer manages multiple commercial buildings in Florida outside Miami. He wanted to be able to monitor and control his Trane HVAC systems from a central offsite location because most service calls can be eliminated by having remote control ...[Read More]

Salt Lake City Commercial Application
Customer has two buildings separated by a city maintained road. His network strategy was to have a T1 line in Building A and another T1 line in Building B. The networks were connected between the buildings via VPN routers which connected the networks over the internet. Customer wanted a more reliable connection between the buildings because his connection would go down periodically due to problems experienced with the internet. Customer was paying $150 per month for his internet access in Building A and another $150 per month for his internet access in Building B. [Read More]

IOWA Farm Application
Customer had his main computer and internet access at his house (H1). He wanted to be able to expand his network to some of his external buildings so that he could monitor those buildings from his house and be able to access the internet when he was working in those buildings. He also wanted to be able to share internet with his son who lived in house (H2). Customer had a security camera in building A and some temperature and humidity sensors in building D which he wanted to be able to monitor from his house. [Read More]

Conference Center Application
Customer holds regular conferences at a nearby conference center hotel. During the conference the attendees need to access web pages on the company's intranet. The customer found that when 30 people are trying to access the company's intranet thru the hotel internet connection it would bog down and become unreliable. Because the link is temporary in nature the customer didn't want to invest in any permanent infrastructure at the hotel to solve the problem. [Read More]

Nursing Home Sewage Monitoring and Control
Customer needed to monitor and control various pump stations related to sewage handling at their nursing home facility located in a rural area. [Read More]