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EZ-Bridge® LT+ and Ultra Models


Adding a Third EZ-Bridge® LT+ Unit – Tycon OS
Summary: It's possible to connect multiple units to a single unit configured as a transparent access point (AP WDS). The limitation of client units talking to an AP is about 30 units. (read more...)


Are the EZ-Bridge systems shipped complete with everything I need?
Systems are shipped with everything that is needed except the mounting pole or tower and CAT5 cables (if needed to interconnect equipment)


Can I add a 3rd or 4th unit to the bridge to connect 3 or 4 buildings together?
5 GHz Bridges absolutely need to have a clear line of site.  With 2.4 GHz Bridges a clear line of site is still the absolute best, but it is a little more forgiving with line of site issues.  You may be able to get away with a few trees in the way, or a few power lines. (read more...)


Can I have a router on both sides of the link?
Yes, on the internet side of the link, the EZ-Bridge would be connected to one of the LAN ports on the main router. On the remote side of the link the EZ-Bridge would connect to the WAN or INTERNET port on the router. The remote side router needs to be configured to get its addressing information from the main router. 


Can I power a second device off my EZ-Bridge-LT+
The RJ45 connectors on the LT+ don’t have PoE output capability but you can use a passive PoE inserter like POE-INJ-SPLT-S plugged into the DC connector on the LT+. Maximum 10W output 15-24V DC.


Can I power your EZ-Bridge products from a standard PoE Switch?
No. A standard PoE switch is 48V PoE. The EZ-Bridge® requires 15V to 24V Passive PoE. Powering the EZ-Bridge® with 48VDC PoE will damage the unit.


Can the EZ-Bridge be mounted indoors?
At short distances, the EZ-Bridge® can be installed in an attic or room. The signal easily penetrates normal wood framed structures or windows. Metal walled or concrete structures create a signal barrier and will require outside or window mounting. 


Can I add a 3rd or 4th unit to the bridge to connect 3 or 4 buildings together?
The EZ-Bridge® can be reconfigured as an access point or client. It's possible to configure as an access point with WDS so that you can have both a point to point bridge link and an access point at the same time.


Connecting Separate Networks Across an EZ-Bridge Ultra
It is possible to have two separate networks connected through the EZ-Bridge® Ultra (read more...)


Do I need to be an engineer or technical person to install and operate the EZ-Bridge?
The EZ-Bridge® is plug and play with no setup required. If you can install a wireless router or computer peripheral you should have no problem with the EZ-Bridge®.


How critical is line of site when using a wireless bridge?
With Wireless Bridges, Clear line of site is always recommended. Any other obstructions, Trees, Poles, Fences, and Buildings can block or reduce the power of a wireless signal. 5GHz is more sensitive to line of site problems. With the 2.4 GHz Frequency, you can sometimes get away with a few trees or poles in the way.


How do I access the EZ-Bridge?
Refer to user manual. Page 5 for LT2+LT5+
Page 6/8 for Ultra5/Ultra2-LR


How do I reset to factory defaults if I can't open the unit's web page?
Power up the EZ-Bridge unit. Wait 2 minutes. Press and hold the black reset button (visible inside the bottom of the unit) for 15 seconds. Wait 2 minutes for reboot. Then power cyle the antennas and wait an additional 2 minutes. Unit will now be reset to factory defaults.


How do the frequencies differ when it comes to line of sight? Is one better than the other in passing through obstacles?
5 GHz Bridges absolutely need to have a clear line of site. With 2.4 GHz Bridges a clear line of site is still the absolute best, but it is a little more forgiving with line of site issues. (read more...)


I can't open the unit's web page with my browser. What's up?
To open the EZ-Bridge web page with your browser you need to type in the IP address of the EZ-Bridge into the address bar of a web browser (like Firefox, Chrome, etc.) (read more...)


I've reconfigured the EZ-Bridge as a client. I can connect to an access point but when I power cycle it won't reconnect automatically. Any suggestions?
You need to set BSSID on the client to all zeroes. If you want the client to only connect to a particular AP, then enter the AP's MAC address into the client BSSID field.


Is there a bandwidth slowdown at range?
At the recommended max range with a clear line of sight, no. However, at extended ranges or with interference, some throughput slowdown may be noticeable.


Is there a speed reduction at long distance?
At the recommended max range, no. However, at extended ranges or in the presence of interference, some slowdown may be noticeable.


LED Explanation for LT2+ Series
LED's A: Power the Power LED will light green when the device is connected to a power source. B: Ethernet The Ethernet LED will light steady green when an active Ethernet connection is made and flash when there is activity. (read more...)


Set Up an Access Point Using Your EZ-Bridge
Yes, you can set up one or both Antennas as a bridge plus access point so you can connect to your network with your iPad/Smart Phone/etc. (read more...)


Some Notes on QoS Settings
In order for the bandwidth to be used by anyone when not used by Higher priorities you should check the "Bandwidth Borrowed" checkbox. Then there is the "Max Throughput" field which, as the name suggests, sets the maximum throughput that will be allowed to pass. We recommend leaving at default. (read more...)


Testing Communications Between Bridges
 When plugging in and unplugging Ethernet cables between the POE inserter and the Bridge, do so ONLY when POE inserter is unplugged. Plugging/unplugging while the POE inserter is powered can permanently damage the Ethernet Port/Radio Board on the bridge. (read more...)


We are comparing two of your models. The EZBR-0214+ and the EZ-Bridge Ultra5 5GHz for connectivity between 2 office 25 yards apart. Can you provide the benefits of going with the 5GHz model?
Pros – more forgiving with line of sight, slightly larger beam width (compared to 5GHz). You can get away with a few trees in the way. But clear line of sight is still best. (read more...)


What do I need to supply when installing the system?
You will need CAT5 or CAT6 cable to go between the Power Supply/PoE Inserter and the EZ-Bridge Antenna. If you purchase the HD system, these cables will be provided for you. We recommend shielded outdoor rated cable for any long runs outdoors. Cable length can be up to 300 feet. (read more...)


What if I don't have good line of sight between my locations? How critical is line of site?
At under 1/4 mile the EZ-Bridge is powerful enough that good line of sight isn't very important. Over 1 mile, it is important to have good line of sight between the two units. Shooting through a couple of trees won't have much effect on performance. 2.4GHz is more forgiving than 5Ghz.


What is the bandwidth capability of the different EZ-Bridge models?
EZ-Bridge® LT2  Up to 15Mbps
EZ-Bridge® LT2+ Up to 100Mbps
EZ-Bridge® LT5  Up to 25Mbps
EZ-Bridge® LT5+ Up to 100Mbps
EZ-Bridge® Ultra Up to 100Mbps


What is the basic difference between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz model?
The 2.4GHz is more forgiving of line of site issues and is not affected by rain or snow. The 5GHz has higher speed and isn't affected by interference from 2.4GHz wireless access points. It requires very good line of site and long distance links (>3 miles) can be degraded by rain and snow.


What is the maximum range of the different EZ-Bridge units?
The LT models have a range of up to 3 miles or more with good line of site. The Ultra 5 has a range of up to 4 miles or more with good line of site. The Ultra 2 has a range of up to 8 miles or more with good line of site.


What is the optimum dBm for best performance?
On the status page there is a signal strength meter which displays signal strength in dBm. The optimum is between -40 and -60 dBm. If between -30 and -40 you should turn the power down a little in WIRELESS ADVANCED SETTINGS.


What kind of performance can I expect?
It depends on what model you purchase.
EZ-Bridge LT2  Up to 15Mbps
EZ-Bridge LT2+ Up to 100Mbps
EZ-Bridge LT5  Up to 25Mbps
EZ-Bridge LT5+ Up to 100Mbps
EZ-Bridge Ultra Up to 100Mbps


What makes the HD model different?
The HD model comes with Power over Ethernet inserter/power supplies with built in Ethernet and PoE surge protection. They also come with two 75' Shielded and outdoor rated CAT5 cable assemblies. These protections help to ensure long life in harsh environments.


Which Ethernet port on EZ-Bridge-LT+ do I plug into?
Either one.  Both ports will power the bridge via 15 -24V Passive  PoE. 


Will the EZ-Bridge work with my Linksys, Dlink, router etc.?
The EZ-Bridge® works with all home and business routers and switches.


Will the EZNANO-RADOME Fit my Ubiquity NBE-M5-300?


EZ-Bridge® LT Models


Adding a Second Router to your Network
1. There are no changes to the EZ-Bridge for this setup. Make sure the EZ-Bridge is working correctly and you can connect the remote EZ-Bridge to a computer and get internet access. We recommend the following steps: (read more...)


Adding a Third EZ-Bridge LT2 Unit
AP Method - Easiest
Summary: It's possible to connect multiple units to a single unit configured as an access point. The AP Method is the most straightforward method to mesh multiple units. The limitation of client units talking to an AP is about 30 units. (read more...)


Adding replacement EZ-Bridge LT2 Unit
If replacing Unit A or B (read more...)


Adding replacement EZ-Bridge LT5 Unit
If replacing Unit B (read more...)


EZ-Bridge LT2 Default Settings
To make a working EZ-Bridge® LT2 transparent bridge pair: (read more...)


EZ-Bridge Ultra5 Default Settings
To make a working EZ-Bridge® Ultra5 transparent bridge pair: (read more...)


Recover a Bricked EZ5 Unit
1. Open unit so you can see LED's on the radio board. 2. Power up the unit while pressing the black reset button. Hold the reset button until red LED comes on. (read more...)