RemotePro® Knowledge Base

Where can I find a 4U rackmount for my RPSTL/ENC-STL?
We don't offer 4U rackmounts. Here is a link to an affordable 4U Hinged Extendable Wall Mount Bracket. 

Where can I find a 2U rackmount for my RPSTL/ENC-STL?
We don't offer 2U rackmounts. Here is a link to an affordable 2U Hinged Extendable Wall Mount Bracket. 

RemotePro® and UPSPro® Battery Care:
Summary: RemotePro® and UPSPro® systems are designed to maintain proper battery charge within a defined range. Our systems have protections for over-discharge of batteries but batteries also self-discharge over time, so if they are left without any charge or maintenance for a long time (normally over 6 months) they will continue to self-discharge. (read more...)

RemotePro® and UPSPro® Troubleshooting
*The minimum amount of equipment needed is a good digital voltmeter which will display DC Volts (read more...)

How to calculate how much solar panels I need to support my equipment?
First calculate the total watts required for your equipment. Let’s assume 50W. (read more...)

How long will my battery backup power my equipment?
To figure out how long a battery backup system will keep your equipment powered there is a fairly simple calculation you can do: (read more...)

What hardware comes in my TPSM-70x4-UNI solar mount?
To view images of the hardware, click here.

Are the solar systems shipped complete with everything I need?
Systems are shipped with everything that is needed except the mounting pole or tower and CAT5 cables (if needed to interconnect equipment)

I have my system hooked up but I’m not getting the correct voltage out of the controller, what’s wrong with it?
Most often this might be caused by loose or incorrect connections, or the product is designed for a different application. First check the installation manual to be sure all connections are correct and that the device is designed to supply the voltage for your application. If all connections are correct, check the power supplies. Are the batteries charged sufficiently for the load? If it is a solar charge controller, are the solar modules connected correctly and are they receiving good sunlight to operate? Always best to review each components manual to ensure a safe and successful installation.

Can I use automotive batteries for solar systems?
Automobile batteries are designed as high current starting batteries and are not designed for low current applications such as solar systems. The life of automobile batteries will be very short. We recommend using quality AGM or GEL batteries which are designed for solar applications for best results.

Where can I find my Peak Sun Hours?
Go to resources à calculators. Follow the “Lookup” link next to “Average Hours of Peak Sunlight per Day” field. Enter your zip code or city state to look up average peak sun hours each month. Alternatively, NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab) provides a free tool called “pvwatts” ( ) for more specific data in more locations and more detailed information.

What is a Peak Sun-Hour?
1 Peak Sun-hour = 1000 Wh/m2= 1kWh/m2(read more...)

How does kWh/M2/Day relate to Peak hours?
1 kWh/m2/day = 1 peak sun hour

How much sun does my RemotePro need?
The RemotePro® is designed to fully recharge the supplied batteries in a 24 hour period with 6 hours of peak Sun. One hour of Peak sun is equal to 1000W per square meter of sunlight.  Fewer peak sun-hours means a longer time to fully recharge the battery bank.  The amount of peak sun varies for any location. It is recommended to check with a data base tool like PV watts provided by NREL to determine the sun hours you can expect in your area.  Pay close attention to the winter months, as they will generally have fewer available Peak Sun Hours. Adjusting the solar modules to a steeper tilt can help mitigate the shorter days. 

What information do you need to help me size a system?

  • We need to know the load in watts for each piece of equipment you plan to use. We also need to know the operational voltage for each piece of equipment and if it is powered thru wires or PoE. A good way is to send us a spec sheet for the equipment that you plan to power and we can analyze the given information to size out the best system for you. 
  • For solar systems it's important to know Peak Sun Hours at the site so we need to know where you plan to deploy the system. Provide us with zip code or city/state/country.