RemotePro® White Papers

Adding TPDIN-Monitor-WEB2 to RemotePro® System Application Whitepaper.

Application Summary: Customers with RemotePro® solar power units will want to add remote monitoring and control to their systems. This will allow them to remotely monitor the performance and condition of their remote power system without the need to travel to the site. (read more...)



RemotePro® and UPSPro® Battery Care

Summary: RemotePro® and UPSPro® systems are designed to maintain proper battery charge within a defined range. Our systems have protections for over-discharge of batteries but batteries also self-discharge over time, so if they are left without any charge or maintenance for a long time (normally over 6 months) they will continue to self-discharge. Our systems are not designed to restore a battery function if the battery gets over discharged. Our systems work within the range of 0% (13VDC) to 100% discharge (10VDC) on batteries. If batteries are less than 10VDC the user must recondition the battery by charging the battery with a good quality automotive battery charger (6A to 25A). We find that manual type chargers work best. (read more...)