Accessing Data and Controlling Relays on TPDIN-Monitor-WEB2 via HTTP.
You can access the real time readings and control relays on the TPDIN-Monitor-WEB2 via HTTP. (read more...)


I was updating the firmware on the TPDIN-Monitor-WEB2 and now I can't access the unit?
A communications problem during upgrade may have caused corruption in the flash memory or the "Upgrade and Reboot" button was double clicked or pressed twice. Follow these steps to recover: (read more...)


My real time clock isn't updating on my TPDIN®.
1. Make sure the unit is connected to the internet
2. If set for static IP check to make sure on Network Page:
Default Gateway address = address of your router
DNS Address = valid DNS address. Use Google DNS address if you don't have alternate DNS.


Why can't I open the TPDIN® web pages with my browser even though my computer is on the same subnet?
If you are using an antivirus program like AVAST, the WEBSHIELD could be blocking the communications with the TPDIN® web server. You need to change the settings in the AVAST antivirus to disable WEBSHIELD.


Template File for the TPDIN® using Zabbix.
If you use Zabbix for network monitoring we have a starter template file available to be able to communicate with the all TPDIN® products via Zabbix. You can get it here


How many characters for username and password in the TPDIN® products?
On the TPDIN-Monitor-WEB the user name and password fields on the Network Page accept up to 10 characters.
On the TPDIN-Monitor-WEB2 the user name and password can accept up to 20 characters.
On the TPDIN-SC48-20 the user name and password can accept up to 20 characters.


What network port do the TPDIN®  products communicate on?
80 or 8000. This port can be changed in the user interface.


I cannot send email from my TPDIN® series product. Non-SSL?
The TPDIN® series of products may not support encrypted email (non-SSL / TLS). Most mail servers like GMAIL require encrypted email (SSL/TLS). (read more...)


How can I reset my TPDIN® product to factory defaults?
TPDIN-Monitor-WEB: Hold down the reset button while powering up the TPDIN-Monitor-WEB and hold for 15seconds. Release reset button. (read more...)


Saving Power via Time of Day and Periodic Power Cycle Control – TPDIN-Monitor-WEB.
Problem: Sometimes your remote power system doesn’t have enough power to keep your equipment alive for 24hrs per day and you really don’t need, for example a camera, to be powered on at night. Other times you want to be able to reduce your investment in solar panels and batteries because your equipment only needs to be powered up during certain times of the day. (read more...)


Communicating With TPDIN-Monitor-WEB via TELNET.
NOTE: This only works with the original TPDIN-MONITOR-WEB. It is not implemented in the newer TPDIN-MONITOR-WEB2 (read more...)