1Gbps PoE Surge Protector

Item# TP-ESP-71G

Network Lightning/Surge Protector, 1Gbps Data Rate.

Spec Sheet

The TP-ESP-71G is a high performance Outdoor Rated Ethernet surge protector / gas discharge lightning arrestor to help protect sensitive equipment from power surges caused by lightning and grid power fluctuations. The y protect on all 4 pairs and are compatible with up to 1Gbps Ethernet networks.

The surge protectors are an isolated design to further enhance their protection ability by isolating the input and output connectors with 2 KVDC isolation. An added benefit of the isolated design is that they can be used in positive or negative grounded syst ems.

The input is 802.3af /at PoE compatible and also accepts 23V to 59V passive PoE so they can be used in a variety of different applications. Output is 48V 13W PoE with power supplied per Mode B on pins 4,5+ and 7,8 - .

The enclosure is UV resistant and weatherproof. It can be m ounted to a pole using tie - wraps or to a wall with screws. Cable feedthroughs offer a cable strain relief feature using tie - wraps.

Weight: 0.2lb

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