TPDIN® MPPT Solar Charge Controller w/ Remote Power Monitor and 7 Port Gigabit Passive PoE Switch

Item# TPDIN-SC48-20

MPPT Solar Charge Controller with Integrated Remote Power Monitor and 7 Port Passive Gigabit PoE Switch.

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-MPPT 48V 20A Solar Controller
-Temperature Compensated Smart Battery Charging
-7 Port Gigabit Passive PoE Switch
-Remote Monitor and Control
-48V or 24V User Selectable Output Voltage
-2.25A Auxiliary Wire Terminal Output
-Total 200W Power Output
-Automatic Low Voltage Battery Disconnect
-DIN Rail or Screw Tab Mounting
-Customizable UI


The TPDIN-SC48-20 is a web manageable MPPT Solar Controller with built-in 7 Port Gigabit Passive PoE switch. The controller uses temperature compensated smart battery charging to properly charge GEL or AGM batteries and extend their life. It has a balance charge mode for periodic battery bank maintenance. There are 3 Gigabit Passive PoE+ 35W and 4 Gigabit Passive PoE 18W ports. There is a wire terminal auxiliary output capable of 2.25A maximum. Total from all outputs is set at 150W at 48VDC and 72W at 24VDC for a max total of 222W. Outputs can be switched by user between 48VDC and 24VDC or OFF through the web interface.
The web interface has full capabilities to measure and log battery voltage, battery current, input current, load current and battery temperature. Ports can be controlled by a settable ping watchdog to power cycle the port if communications to the unit are interrupted. Auxiliary port can be controlled by voltage or temperature or time so it can be programmed to control lights, pumps, generators, heaters, fans, etc. The unit supports automated Email alerts if user programmed limits are exceeded so that the user can be alerted in case of developing problems at the site.
The controller can also be powered through an external AC to DC power supply in order to charge the batteries from an AC source like grid power or generator. The solar input of the controller always takes priority so if the sun is shining the external DC input isn’t used.
All inputs and outputs are surge and overload protected. Connectors and battery fuse are removable for easy maintenance.
The controller can be mounted using the integral DIN rail mount bracket or using 2 mounting tabs.

The user interface on this device is customizeable. You are able to change the branding for the Logo, Favicon, Web Address, Menu Colors, and Model Number. You are able to suppress the copyright info, but this cannot be changed.

-40C to +65C (-40F to 149F)

Power supplies designed specifically for the TPDIN-SC48-20 (sold separately):

PSHP-65-180-DIN - 65V 180W 4P DIN Connector AC/DC Power Supply for trickle charging.

PSVHP-65-1200  - 65V 1200W AC/DC Power Supply for quick charging.

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