400W 12V/24V Horizontal Wind Turbine

Item# TPW-400DT-12/24

Spec Sheet User Guide

The BreezePro® from Tycon Power Systems are lightweight at less than 10.5kg and are designed for ease of installation and long service life. The generator is a very low cogging force design for better performance in light winds and is packaged in a fully sealed die cast aluminum enclosure. There are no brushes to wear out or cause electrical noise and the bearings are sealed so the system is maintenance free. The blades are glass reinforced nylon for high strength, UV resistance and fatigue resistance. The turbines are available in a single model that is compatible with 12V and 24V battery systems. The controller autoselects the charging voltage based on the battery voltage. The turbine also includes an integrated charge controller with integrated dump load resistor. Using the dump load helps to prevent premature braking in high winds. This helps optimize the power available for charging the batteries.

The permanent magnets used are Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) for higher power output.

Mounting is to the top of a 41mm (1.6inch) ID standard pole (pole not included). The hardware used is stainless steel for corrosion protection.