5GHz, 100Mbps Expansion Unit

Item# EZGO-0516+

5GHz Expansion Unit, 802.11a/n, 250mW. Providing realworld thruput up to 100Mbps. AP/Client.

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Live demo of the user interface, click Live Demo above. User name is "user" ; Note: password is not required.

The EZ-Go®-5+ is a high power outdoor 250mW wireless Access Point or Client Bridge / Router system operating in the 5GHz unlicensed frequency spectrum providing real world thruput up to 100 Mb/sec.

It complies with the 802.11an standards to insure interoperability.

The EZ-Go®-5+ is housed in a UV resistant and UL rated weatherproof enclosure with a nice aesthetic appearance and clean lines. It includes an integrated 16dBi high efficiency MIMO antenna for extended range.

With its advanced software, the EZ-Go®-5+ supports multiple operating modes, including; Access Point, Access Point (WDS), Client, Client (WDS), WAN Gateway, WLAN Gateway, Repeater.

The EZ-Go®-5+ comes complete with a Cat5e rated POE (Power Over Ethernet) power inserter.

The corrosion resistant bracket system accommodates pole or wall mounting.

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