How can I send weathersmart data to my server?

  • If you select Custom on the upload screen and put in a server address, select PHP, and select default it will send the data to


    It sends a http GET request with the following data pairs. The units can't be changed, you would need to convert them upon receipt.

    ID - 123

    PASSWORD - 123

    intemp - 24.6

    outtemp - 19.2

    dewpoint - 9.1

    windchill - 19.2

    heatindex - 19.2

    inhumi - 38

    outhumi - 52

    windspeed - 0.0

    windgust - 0.0

    winddir - 45

    absbaro - 987.2

    relbaro - 981.2

    rainrate - 0.0

    dailyrain - 0.0

    weeklyrain - 20.1

    monthlyrain - 20.1

    yearlyrain - 20.1

    light - 1221.7

    UV - 0

    dateutc - 2016-6-8 16:35:9

    softwaretype - WeatherSmart V1.1.0

    action - updateraw

    realtime - 1

    rtfreq - 5

Where can I find my TP2700WC WeatherSmart data file?

  • On a PC the Weathersmart data is stored in a Microsoft Access file:
    The database file is stored at C:/users/public/weathersmart/easy2300.mdb
    You can open this file directly using Excel.
  • On a MAC the Weathersmart data is stored in a SQLITE database file in the Weathersmart folder. The filename is "easy2300.sqlite". There are resources for accessing this file at and

    There are ODBC drivers available for Excel to read the sqlite database file.

To Clear the Rain Values on the TP2700WC Weather Station

  • Press set on the display console till you enter the setup mode.

    Scroll to calibration settings.

    Scroll to rain calibration settings. 

    First you need to set the Rain Day, Rain Week, Rain Month, Rain Year, Rain Total calibration setting all to zero.

    Next you need to power cycle the display console.

    Next you need to go to the software and clear min/max.

Do I need to plug in the ProWeatherStation?

  • The ProWeatherStation Console requires 3 AA batteries and the Outdoor Sensor array runs on a total of 2 AA batteries and do not need to be plugged in to the wall. The connection between the sensor array and controller is wireless. Indoor console can also be plugged into an AC outlet using the Optional AC Adaptor(Part #: TP2700WC-AC Adaptor)

Can I publish my ProWeatherStation data online?

  • The TP2700WC ProWeatherStation data can be published online using the WeatherSmart software. WeatherSmart allows publishing of real time data on Weather Underground . Weather underground supports rapid fire real time data update.
  • The Weathersmart also supports uploads to Weatherbug and Weathercloud.

My rain gauge has frozen?

  • The rain gauge may freeze up in winter. The ice/snow will not damage the rain gauge and it will start working again after it thaws.

The remote sensor is not transmitting to the display console?

  • Remove the batteries from the transmitter and display. Power up the transmitter with new batteries. Wait 10 minutes then power up display. Do not press any buttons during the 1 minute power up time. You should then have outdoor readings after 3-5minutes.

The rain gauge stopped recording rain?

Open up the rain gauge housing by un-snapping the cover. Check inside to make sure there is nothing obstructing the movement of the mechanism. It is fairly common for insects to nest inside.

How far can the controller be from the sensor array?

  • The ProWeatherStation has a transmit range of 300 feet but is dependent on what obstructions the signal has to travel through. The more line-of-sight the path, the further you can go(Maximum of up to 300 feet).

Can I store data on my computer?

  • The ProWeatherStation stores 4080 data sets in its memory. The sample rate can be set by the user with 16 sec. intervals as a minimum. When memory on the device gets full, you need to download the data to the computer or else the display console will overwrite the data, overwriting the oldest data first. Downloading is done automatically when the unit is attached to the computer through the USB and the WeatherSmart software is started. The amount of data you can store on the computer is unlimited. The WeatherSmart software can display the data in various graphs or it can be exported to Excel if desired for analysis.

Do I need a computer to use the ProWeatherStation?

  • A computer is not needed to use the ProWeatherStation for monitoring weather or setting alarms. If you desire to do any data logging for long term tracking of weather trends then a computer with a USB port is needed in order to download the base station memory when it gets filled up. You only need to connect to the computer to setup and when the memory gets full. For all other times the controller can be mounted to a wall in another room or sitting on a desk or table.

Can I shorten or extend the sensor cables?

  • Yes, you can shorten the cables but we recommend just using the cable ties that come with the system for proper cable management. The cables can be extended up to 50'.
    NOTE: If any cables are modified we will not be able to accept any returns for warranty.