...I now have the EZ-Bridge® working for several weeks, flawlessly! With the help of Customer Support, we determined that a higher voltage PoE Power Supply was needed to drive voltage to the EZ-Bridge® because it was some 250 feet away. After installing the new power supply, the units synchronized and I haven’t had any problems since. The equipment is first class and the Technical Support is even above that. How many times have you been called on the phone by a tech asking if there is anything else they can do or checking up to determine whether the equipment is working as designed. This is well above and beyond the tech support I have ever experienced. At first I was hesitant to try and extend internet service to another building on our property, thinking that is was too complicated or too expensive. Having the right equipment along with expert technical support made all the difference. Bottom line, if you think this is the right solution to your problem, give it a try and I know you will be pleased by the results…


...I installed the EZ-Bridge®-LT in a little more than one hour. It was truly "Plug-and Play". It worked right out of the box, with no configuring or anything.
In my application, the two transmitters are 460 feet apart, with 300 feet of dense woods between them. And the bridge is working without any apparent problems and no noticeable slowdown in internet downloads.
I would definitely recommend it to others who have long-distance networking 


...I have to say that the EZ-Bridge® was one of the few products I have ever used that worked exactly as advertised, right out of the box!

Jack Duncan:

...just wanted to let you know the bridge is in place and working great. We had rented a warehouse 100 yards behind us and were considering having to bury a fiber under pavement to connect the two. Your product has saved us a lot of time and a lot of money.

Carlos Figueroa:

Staff, Your product is smoking !!!!! It's very easy to setup, I'm getting download speeds of 18.5 Mbps at 2 miles away. Was getting under 1 Mbps before.

Dan Krisher:

Thanks for a product that works as easy and well as advertised. My grandson and I hooked up your EZ-Bridge® LT2. It worked just fine and using a fairly cheap Encore router on the other end has wifi with no gliches during setup. I work on computers as a retirement hobby around my community for friends and a few businesses and will recommend your product for applications of this sort. I am sending my Internet to an outbuilding about 700 feet away and it works very well. Thanks again from a satisfied customer..
Your pre setup directions were helpful and insightful.