TPDIN-Monitor-WEB and TPDIN-Monitor-Web2 Temperature Monitor Application Whitepaper

Application Summary: Many customers have a remote building such as a vacation rental, cabin, rental property, shop, garage or vacant main residence that must be heated in winter to prevent water pipes from bursting and causing huge losses to the property and priceless belongings. Heating systems frequently shut down because of overload caused by clogged filters, frozen gas lines and other reasons. 
Solution: Customer installed a TPDIN® connected to his network to monitor temperature and send an email alert when the temperature drops below 50°F (10°C). This gives the customer advance warning that there is a problem with the heating system so that he can take action before the pipes freeze and burst. In addition, customer connected a small electric heater to one of the TPDIN® onboard relays so that the heater could be turned on automatically when the temperature dropped below 40°F (4°C). This helps to maintain the building temperature above freezing during emergency situations. Customer also set the TPDIN® to send an automatic status email once a week so that he can see that the network connections and power connections remain operational.
Bill of Materials: TPDIN-Monitor-WEB2 $169.95 TP-POE-48D $34.95 CAT5 Patch Cables $10

Conclusion: By using the low cost TPDIN® as a remote temperature monitor and control unit a property owner can prevent disasters caused by freezing and bursting water pipes in unattended buildings. This is another example of the application flexibility of the TPDIN™ remote monitoring and control unit.