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Calibration Configuration

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Control Configuration

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Ping Control     Every (secs) Fails Wait(secs)
Time Control     On                Off
Ping Control     Every (secs) Fails Wait(secs)
Time Control     On                Off
Temp1 Control     On Off   Celsius
Volt3 Control     On Off   Volts
Temp2 Control     On Off   Celsius
Volt4 Control     On Off   Volts

Use Username as From field                 minutes

In Ping Control set Every to 0 to disable it
Lower/Upper values should be multiplied by 10, i.e. 127 for 12.7 volts
The Test button uses the saved mail configuration values

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Graph data loading. Please wait ...

Volts [~name(5)~] [~name(6)~] [~name(7)~] [~name(8)~]
Amps [~name(5)~] [~name(6)~] [~name(7)~] [~name(8)~]
Temperatures [~name(9)~] [~name(10)~] Display in Farenheit
[~name(5)~ V]
[~name(6)~ V]
[~name(7)~ V]
[~name(8)~ V]
[~name(5)~ A]
[~name(6)~ A]
[~name(7)~ A]
[~name(8)~ A]
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Log data loading. Please wait ...

   Display in Farenheit

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Relays ~name(1)~ ~name(2)~ ~name(3)~ ~name(4)~

Disable Confirm
Relay 1 Relay 2 Relay 3 Relay 4

~name(5)~ ~name(6)~ ~name(7)~ ~name(8)~

Temperatures: Auto:
~name(9)~ C F
~name(10)~ C F

Version: ~version~    Uptime: ~uptime~
Web Pages Version: 1.1.13
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Board Configuration

This page allows the configuration of the board's network settings.

ERROR: A field was unparsable or too much data was POSTed. Try again.

CAUTION: Incorrect settings may cause the board to lose network connectivity. Recovery options will be provided on the next page.

Enter the new settings for the board below:

Enable DHCP
89R::g;<E= > ?| @ AR Bw GIF89a77c|ļՕ:6/ԏrsmPQM橪"" ׼XXDDB}zt''ֵa^U,.+zƾÿNJG==ݫA>7XYTfff))'zwsYTQGHC''$||{/0,}JJJр}tţ̧ﵵ֗ssr!c,77cHZa\RUUbb UaHUXU\\ !\ UbR(cHb?^ZWH^aCba(.)(aa '\)'"Ӟ)H D$8$'\ ]E^N 2ȗ >2ȱG2P S8CBLŁr qd&-$@-l@ӧP:EW:Fr(0&lYX|y%׮ 0DeM7p%WGZ>0⁋pN+^X 0h A _aMiV,@e^?< @ uͻo ``(\ :\AرaI(O*_ uջ_z{X#Y݀]A {D1 -'VifaxHP4pڄ,08i+xP0KYd!T Di,A4 L!DB0Ė\v%`p_PI ND ęÜtI['?!o+R!¢6裏YUR0 *ħV&ꨤ C r%(Sdq *dZiuY,YRYhY@6lUP#Vv+ŷ+1\վ\Ct#Ƌټ> BF/p/iN\9%WaF](A!.1H\FuF9BlQQ[ ']#3[fJ cC@[ ފR0[&o/O 2D@ `:A x@x `Hp30 p'B"P@AhP,\*jІuX&  ^`@ ! d0*P(" 0]pb ;GIF89a77ct½Օߚ:;5lj]XXQRJsukӹyo^_Z|{}s٩''ݟEFByumׅZZS333¿gd^==ݫii %& FC;NOJspfւ} @=7noj|vxn̜|rSTQzxm簾tup\[Ya^W!c,77c 224'X''XMc2M5 3  2cŋô X҉3˦6ފ45 ؂4O;{iJȰ"]^`%ZǏ1\ХG]*L0K/A& 6LrL,YRa($XʴӦ$BT Q!….`0IQ &@ٳ&0 *H"Qb K"Ĉr`  S=80b VB=sE4<.JeGN!;vx;o߼XyQ$ TXV0$|0a%0!.?Ђh%0Wxt*ޑF&߇WLDax@\`.T`g^X[pu`E/#w`KEf(V`BTdb`.T

Reboot In Progress...

Your settings were successfully saved, and the board is now rebooting to configure itself with the new settings.

Your board is now located at: http://~rebootaddr~/

Reconnection Instructions

  1. Did you change the DHCP setting or IP?
    If DHCP is enabled please use the DiscoveryTool to find your IP.
  2. Did you try the IP address?
    Try accessing the board directly at the IP address shown above. (ex: enter "" into your browser). If this fails, then the IP address you set is not reachable. Try the step below.
  3. Still not working?
    You can restore compile-time settings by clearing the board's EEPROM. Plug the power while holding the RESET BUTTON for about 10secs. Release the button and wait 5secs. The default IP is "" and DHCP is enabled.
@DdD+0 +G#)>Gn UTPDIN-Monitor-WEB `v1.01pMar 2013v|         

SNMP Community Configuration

Read/Write Community String configuration for SNMPv2c Agent.

STACK_USE_SNMP_SERVER is undefined. SNMP is unavailable.

Configure multiple community names if you want the SNMP agent to respond to the NMS/SNMP manager with different read and write community names. If less than three communities are needed, leave extra fields blank to disable them.

Max len: 8 characters

Reboot is needed for the changes to take effect.

aEFGtHIWJK ~led(1)~ ~led(2)~ ~led(3)~ ~led(4)~ ~volt(1)~ ~amp(1)~ ~volt(2)~ ~amp(2)~ ~volt(3)~ ~amp(3)~ ~volt(4)~ ~amp(4)~ ~temp(1)~ ~temp(2)~ L)M@NWOoPQRSTUVW3XMY`I%&/m{JJt`$ؐ@iG#)*eVe]f@흼{{;N'?\fdlJɞ!?~|?"ǿ=Ūt][ev]i&jvǦUYՏ9L~Z٢(uyy4Ml.MۦA(mYYڏ>[V5}JNۋZ/gۦsKRX50*fQ[(ҝ ~lU5E[TԬˬ-.sȚvg3@mwvVhT\NO~] sntGıwO?˼>/G鼘%}4ћ^VEcE?1;DT,jmX ?Wj7UYoJrX`;w#_eY{| SC';lۮwwxlBc^^G҂RU w)IնQz_ZVlN0 2?o oů$ƓO1L&Xq͊4ףtRVӷ>"=YlU 4lY+Ǥ* HGsvGM0 h8Livh/_ =4?!7kokoxpgO{ Bb<)K@w%vLDA̪~!Y\28վܛzм. ̿ny9;m1H0}n=Y1K]_>6EK9$&3x Tycon Power Web Voltmeter

System Configuration

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Initial Off
Initial Off
Initial Off
Initial Off
Volt offset   Amp offset
Volt offset   Amp offset
Volt offset   Amp offset
Volt offset   Amp offset
Temp offset
Temp offset
secs (0 to disable)
  Enable NTP
(mm/dd/yy HH:MM:SS)

^Z 8 ~L z 9 { $ | },pt[qur2vsawxwy[dZ%ef~mymacaddr~ ~myunlock~g h`I%&/m{JJt`$ؐ@iG#)*eVe]f@흼{{;N'?\fdlJɞ!?~|?"~+}3/tY4OM'y^z:gi֦YYmțo\VbڌI{{~y4; xQ͊"=J C'/ْ[(Ӥqz$X˼MO߭ʪ8̫E֤l6͖;|~*gUUs(˗Uy}A4^bU|/:6_^;NN_>}>88/~b.FK?iDˬFqB,ҭY5]q]D*Sʹ̚&or|ѝCB}t|nD_'?[jvϤuY{?Qw^Œ=t6N* ˿1 )[d^#ϫlyo|a彵uθmVOrbp }I~׮X@#dfrѼRvAv8wvAP-P;2( trU,gոZu;Y@Q,.M{]/|ʦE{Gx\ZO2|3Zh-EHՊIٿd,/V d'`b]grty)߂g}0&>n`lӗ#nH ?VkxWt}L?hU5^|M\ǟ@?.'ޙj__v_\_s$f~3-գ:[;?ssǴdӷuE±=Ȁ0$'L*{VdѼ4s|G~tK?ҘFܲr'O>&$;ǿ1/IUzNb ۃ;\k@s }W C |ʌ6p!/31fzozM+'gi /GKNu |`+4~ت^6ӧwcp{&Yq<+yEmP;.O w_"b+ yǮx\ ~,'/V9hzdVxOwQ\r-t1dǘ$\> E:t2x'<½޾O.| ̰/ʿ>b,1=74܆oKJr]][ܖgX/jJR<#:p _>?>{پ]Dp^K"|iфBoٛcm#֨6+iᛠ8A$0*j̯Cй7@d{vy sMl3r308'l3}k㬾x~RlVϫ>t >.:":e],[-QlizNv+}\`S ݸ?z72Ù "| [@!Kx#;(#`;}!އe7?>j!t '(>;J B$n竓iKA?|1!6,4涩GkAl&&J+D}Ͳe6ȗe6eNIldfG&`|^WyVT|k=R}ys%T>~d$>!,+ą>l7ܱ<MΊsi7^1z޻SI>>EAMdCtB@$rw4W&8)UA)!5Q;,Okx0U'