BreezePro® 400W 12V/24V Horizontal Wind Turbine (TPW-400DT-12/24)


Item# TPW-400DT-12/24

The BreezePro® Wind Turbines from Tycon Solar® are lightweight at less than 10.5kg and are designed for ease of installation and long service life. The generator is a very low cogging force design for better performance in light winds and is packaged in a fully sealed die cast aluminum enclosure. There are no brushes to wear out or cause electrical noise and the bearings are sealed so the system is maintenance free. The blades are glass reinforced nylon for high strength, UV resistance and fatigue resistance. The turbines are 12V/24V auto voltage select. The unit includes an embedded smart battery charge controller and dump load resistor. The dump load helps prevent premature braking and increases the total power delivered to the batteries. It also helps protect the turbine in high winds. The entire blade assembly can be removed easily as 1 piece for hurricane protection. This also makes it easier and safer to install.

The permanent magnets used are Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) for higher power output.

The mounting is to the inside of the top of a 41mm ID standard pole (1.5” Sched 40). The hardware used is stainless steel for corrosion protection. The units can be used in arrays of multiple turbines to increase available power.



  • Integrated Controller with Dump Load to Optimize Performance
  • Wind Turbine startup wind speed of 2.1m/s (4.5mph)
  • Smooth and quiet running maintenance free sealed turbine
  • Sealed die cast aluminum housing for protection from harsh environments
  • Very light and compact
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance Free Operation
  • Electronic over-speed protection


  • Battery Charging Applications
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Wireless Base Stations
  • Electric Gate Openers, Electric Fences
  • Street Lamps and Signs
  • Remote Cabins and buildings
  • Boats, RV’s and static caravans
  • Security Systems


Spec Sheet PDF

Startup Wind Speed

2.1m/s (4.5mph)

Power Rating

300W @ 12.5m/s

Max Power Output


Battery Charge Voltage Range

12V = 14.7 to 15.2V ;  24V = 29.4 to 30.4V

Turbine Voltage Output

12V or 24V Auto Select Battery Voltage

Controller Operation 12V/24V

<14.5V or 29V 100% to battery

>14.5V or 29V Split Power to Battery and Dump Load

>15V or 30V 100% to Dump Load

Rotor Diameter

1.2m (3.9ft)

Blade Material

Glass reinforced nylon


Die Cast Aluminum


IP65 and Salt Mist Corrosion Protected

Over-speed Protection

Electronic with integrated dump load

Survival Wind Speed

50m/s (112mph)

Noise Level (Measured at 3 meters)

50dBA Typ @ 450RPM

Wind Load

Wind Surface Area 375 sq in,  30lbs @ 60MPH, 67lbs @ 90MPH



Mounting Pole Required

41mm (1.614”) ID  (Example 1.5” Sched 40)

Operating Temperature

-40C to +60C  (-40F to + 140F)


10.5kg (23lb)


2 years

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