Tilt Bracket for UBNT Nano, +/- 35 deg, Stainless (EZNANO-Tilt)


Item# EZNANO-Tilt

The EZ-Nano-Tilt is a tilt bracket system for the UBNT Nano. It provides +/-35° of up tilt or down tilt and can be mounted in the top position or bottom position of the Nano.

The bracket keeps the Nano stable even in high winds. Thumbscrews are used on the U-Bolt bracket to make assembly and positioning fast and easy. The all stainless steel construction means many years of reliable service even in the harshest environments.

Compatible with: NS2, NS3, NS5, NS2Loco, NS5Loco


Spec Sheet PDF


Stainless Steel

Elevation Tilt

+/- 35°

Pole Size

25mm to 38mm (1” to 1.5”)

Stand-off from pole

76mm (3”)


139mm x 44mm x 1.4mm   

(5.5” x 1.75” x .06”)


170 g   (6 oz )

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