Unlock the Power of Mobility with Mobile Solar Trailers

In today’s rapidly evolving and expanding world, reliable and sustainable power where you need it is more crucial than ever, especially in remote environments where traditional power grids are inaccessible. At Tycon Systems®, we are proud to offer the RPMS MobileSolarPro® series, our Low-Cost Complete Mobile Solar Remote Power Solutions designed to provide reliable, eco-friendly power wherever you need it. These versatile units combine the convenience of mobility with the efficiency of solar and wind energy, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.


Mobile solar trailers are incredibly versatile equipment, serving numerous industries and applications. Construction sites, nuclear power plants, military bases, and spaceports benefit from their ability to provide power in locations where manned security and monitoring is needed, without access to the grid. Event organizers appreciate their silent operation, clean energy, and quick setup. In emergency response scenarios, these trailers offer high mobility, easy deployment, and dependable power, crucial for coordinating relief efforts. They are also perfect for agricultural use, remote research stations, telecommunications, and even coastal/mountainous recreational activities like camping and festivals. The adaptability of mobile solar trailers ensures that no matter the challenge, you have a robust power solution at your fingertips. engineered to perform optimally in extremely demanding environments, providing the reliability you need for your operations.


The RPMS MobileSolarPro® outdoor mobile power systems support up to 315W continuous power with 6 hours of peak sun, up to 1440A of batter bank, and up to 1440A of solar capacity. It offers complete remote monitoring and control – email alerts, manual/automatic system rebooting, and remote load power disconnect. Monitor solar & battery loads, voltages, and currents. Equipped with pneumatic masts, MPPT Temperature Compensated Solar Charge Controller, Protected and Secured Wiring, Locking 2″ Ball Hitch Tongue Lock. 25-Year Solar Panel Warranty.


Our RPMS MobileSolarPro® mobile solar trailers are engineered with durability in mind, designed to withstand the most challenging environments and conditions. Built with robust materials and reinforced lightweight structures, these trailers have demonstrated remarkable resilience, enduring hurricanes, tornadoes, and even instances of flipping over with minimal damage. While the glass solar panels may occasionally break, they are easily replaceable, ensuring the system can be quickly restored to full functionality. This exceptional durability makes our mobile solar trailers a reliable choice for any application, providing peace of mind that your power solution can handle whatever nature throws its way.


The pictures below demonstrate our trailer’s rugged dependable reliability. Our eco-green trailer was fully operational and still running after being pummeled by a tornado recently, only requiring a quick flip and a promptly replaced mast top extension.

In the picture below, according to eyewitnesses, our mobile solar trailer was deployed on a remote site when a windstorm/tornado picked the trailer up 15’ off the ground. Withstanding another roll, our trailer was still operational and supplying power, with only the solar panels and mast needing to be replaced.

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