Monthly Archives: December 2021

New! 12V 50Ah GEL SLA Battery

The TPBAT12-50 high rate valve regulated sealed lead acid (VRLA) GEL battery has been developed [...]

New! PoE Injectors (22-35VAC/DC & 40-72VDC IN)

The TP-DCDC-4856GD-BT is a 5Gbps high power DCDC converter and PoE injector with a wide [...]

New! TPDIN 5G PoE Injector

The TPDIN-1256GD-BT is a high power DCDC converter and up to 5Gbps PoE injector with [...]

New! RemotePro150W Systems

The RemotePro 720W Series outdoor power systems are designed for applications that require a primary [...]

New! 12V 180Ah AGM Battery

The TPBAT12-180 high rate valve regulated pure lead carbon sealed lead acid (VRLA) AGM battery [...]

New! UPSPro900W Outdoor Backup Power System

The UPSPro UPAL24/48-xxx-900 outdoor backup power systems are designed for applications that require a flexible [...]

New! Roof Mount Kit

Tycon Solar’s TPSM-ROOF-MOUNT solar panel mounting system contains all components necessary to mount quantity 2 [...]

New! 360W 24V Solar Panel

The TPS-24-360W solar panels are high efficiency 72 cell design with excellent low light performance. [...]

New! Pole Top Solar Mount

Tycon Solar’s versatile Pole Top solution is designed to satisfy the most common small-medium solar [...]

New! 6 Panel Adapter kit

New Tycon Solar TPSM-350x6-AdapterKit has all components needed to convert the TPSM-350x2-TP 2 panel solar [...]

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