Tycon Systems manufactures a comprehensive range of products which are organized into 3 major brands:

Tycon Solar® Off-Grid power solutions include RemotePro® and MobileSolarPro®. These systems utilize solar and wind power for 24/7 operation off-grid.The TPDIN® series of products include an MPPT Solar controller with built-in Gigabit PoE Switch and a Remote Monitor and Control system.

Our grid connected backup power solution, UPSPro®, keeps your equipment running when grid power fails or in situations where power is only available part time.

We also offer a comprehensive line of accessories, including: Solar Panels, Solar Mounts, Solar Charge Controllers, Batteries, Weatherproof Enclosures and Wind Turbines.

Tycon Power® Networking Solutions include IEEE802.3 Compatible and Passive PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Injectors/Splitters, Industrial Managed and Unmanaged 4 Port to 16 Port PoE Switches, DCDC Voltage Conversion Devices, Ethernet Surge Protectors and grid connect Power Supplies.

Our PoE product line is so comprehensive that we are able to provide a power solution for almost any scenario.

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Tycon Wireless® Point to Point Wireless Network Bridge products are designed to create a plug and play 900Mb/sec network connection between 2 or more locations up to 3 miles apart.

The EZ-Bridge® is the easiest and most cost effective way to connect two or more buildings with a high speed network connection.

Besides the bridge function, the units also provide a separate WiFi access point to allow connection of wireless devices at both ends of the bridge. 5GHz and Dual Freq units are available.

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