Welcome to Tycon Power®, where innovation meets reliability in powering your network infrastructure with efficiency and precision. Explore our comprehensive range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions and accessories designed to meet the diverse needs of modern connectivity.  

At Tycon Power®, we’re committed to delivering innovative solutions that power your world with efficiency and reliability. Explore our range of PoE solutions and accessories and experience the difference that quality craftsmanship makes in your network infrastructure.


PoE Injectors

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Injectors/inserters are used to provide power to network devices over CAT5+ Ethernet cable. The main advantage to this approach is that a single cable can be run to supply both high speed data and power.

PoE is used in in-building environments to connect and power IP telephones, printers, security cameras and other network connected devices. In outdoor applications PoE is typically used to remotely power equipment such as security cameras and wireless gear.

Maximum distance is 330′ (100m) but this distance can be extended by using our PoE extenders.

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PoE Lighting

PoE Lighting involves powering and controlling LED lights over CAT5+ Ethernet cable.

  • Lower Cost – Low Voltage of PoE saves installation costs both in materials and labor
  • High Efficiency – saves power for long term savings
  • Simplified Maintenance – Central power source makes maintenance easier

PoE Lighting applications typically require higher power PoE devices. Tycon Power® has you covered with single port and multi-port PoE products suitable for PoE Lighting.

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PoE Splitters

PoE Splitters take a PoE input and split out the data and power on separate connectors.

A PoE Splitter is mainly used to power devices that are not capable of PoE but it is desired to save cost by running only a single CAT5+ cable and also to future proof the installation.

Tycon Power® manufactures a complete line of PoE Splitters for almost any application.

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PoE Switches

PoE Network Switches are capable of powering and supplying data to multiple devices with a single network input.

PoE switches are available in Managed or Unmanaged types with Standard (802.3at/bt) and/or Passive PoE outputs. 4 port, 8 port and 16 port PoE switches are supported.

All our PoE Switches are Industrial Strength for operation in harsh temperature environments.

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Power Supplies

Power Supplies are available in Desktop and DIN Rail mount types.

They are used for providing a DC output from an AC Source. Power outputs up to 240W are available in the DIN Rail models and up to 90W in the desktop models.

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Surge Protectors

Surge Protectors come in single port and multiport models. They help protect sensitive equipment from damage due to electrical transients caused by lightning, static electricity and power line spikes.

All Tycon Power® surge protectors are compatible with PoE. They protect both data and power.

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Voltage Converters

Tycon Power® DC to DC voltage converters convert a DC voltage to a higher DC voltage. Output up to 250W are available.

These are typically used in battery systems to stabilize the input voltage required by various equipment.

Almost all models are isolated so they can translate a negative voltage to a positive voltage.

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Tycon Power® offers several accessories to support our PoE product line including: PoE Testers, PoE PowerTaps for passive and 802.3bt PoE, DIN Rail adapter kits, PoE powered relay, Cable Assemblies, EURO and North America Power Cords, and weatherproof enclosures.

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