With the EZ-Bridge® you can easily connect the networks in two or more buildings wirelessly.

  • The EZ-Bridge® ships with two antennas to connect Point A to Point B in a Point to Point Configuration.
  • With a second EZ-Bridge® and a total of 4 antennas, you can connect 4 buildings. Point A to Point B,C,D in a Point to Multipoint configuration. Another name for this type of configuration is a “mesh network”.

An EZ-Bridge®  Access Point can support over 20 Clients but to maintain the highest performance level we recommend no more than 3 Clients (B,C,D) connected to a single Access Point (A). You can have multiple EZ-Bridge® Access Points on a main building if you need to connect more than 3 remote sites.

EZ-Bridge Features

With a single internet connection and using the EZ-Bridge®, you don’t have to pay for a second internet connection for your 2nd building. Let the EZ-Bridge® save you money.

The second connection is a fast, high speed network connection so performance will be similar to the performance you experience at your main building.

In addition to connecting to each other in a Point to Point Bridge, the EZ-Bridge® antennas also have built in Wifi Access Points which can be enabled on either or both sides of the wireless link to provide local WiFi access.

This means that your smartphone, tablet, computer or other WiFi enabled device can have WiFi access within about 200 feet of the EZ-Bridge® antenna.

The EZ-Bridge® comes as a preconfigured plug and play wireless bridge pair so installation is simple:

  1. Mount the antennas to a pole or a wall.
  2. Point the antennas toward each other.
  3. Route a CAT5 or better cable from the antenna to the PoE Inserter and from the PoE Inserter to your computer or switch or internet router.
  4. Power Up the System. The antennas will find each other and automatically connect.

The antennas are powered by PoE (Power Over Ethernet) so you only have to run one Cat5 or better cable between the PoE power Inserter and the antenna. Max distance for the cable run is 300 feet.

  • The EZ-Bridge® 5AC and EZ-Bridge® Dual AC+ are powered with 48V 802.3af or 48V passive PoE
  • The EZ-Bridge® LT2+ is powered with 24V Passive PoE.

The EZ-Bridge® creates a transparent wireless bridge between 2 sites. Overall speeds are affected by line-of-sight quality, distance, obstacles between antennas and interference from other devices broadcasting on the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequencies.

Connection Speeds

EZ-Bridge® 5AC  = Up to 900 Mbps
EZ-Bridge® Dual AC+  = Up to 900Mbps
EZ-Bridge® LT2+  = Up to 100 Mbps

The EZ-Bridge® has been tested to maintain a stable connection with clear line-of-sight at up to 3 miles distance through all kinds of weather however connection speeds will be reduced by distance and weather.

Best performance is seen with links of less than 1 mile.

The EZ-Bridge® family of products meet industry wireless standards. This is important to insure interoperability with other wireless devices.

EZ-Bridge® 5AC  = 802.11a/n, 802.11ac
EZ-Bridge® Dual AC+  = 802.11a/n, 802.11ac
EZ-Bridge® LT2+  = 802.11n

Typical Application