How do I control the PoE ports on my TP-SW4G-2SFP or TP-SW8G-2SFP managed PoE switch using SSH?

TP-SW4G-2SFP and TP-SW8G-2SFP Managed PoE Switches

PoE Port Control Using SSH:

You can use an SSH capable terminal program such as Putty.


To access the switch through any of the RJ45 ports to be able to control the PoE to the ports.

Start by typing the PoE Switch IP address into the Putty Program. The switch default IP is


  • The switch will ask for a username and password. Default username is admin and password is system.
  • login as: admin password:  system
  • Once you see the “#” you know that you are logged in successfully. You will then enter commands to control the PoE ports as follows.
  • configure terminal (config)# interface gigabitethernet 1/x

Where “x” = the port number 1-4 or 1-8    ie; “interface gigabitethernet 1/3”  to control port 3 (config-if)# no poe mode  turns off the PoE to the selected port.

Other valid commands are:

  • “poe mode plus”  to set the port to 802.3at mode and
  • “poe mode standard”  to set the port to 802.3af mode.

Note: switching between 802.3af and 802.3at will power cycle the port.