NTP Time not Working or updating on my TP-SW4G-2SFP and TP-SW8G-2SFP

Sometimes the date and time of the TP-SW4G-2SFP and TP-SW8G-2SFP are not updating automatically. This is usually caused by the switch not having the proper IP route to connect to the NTP server.

  1. First, you need to program the switch to have an IP route pointing to your gateway.  Go to the web interface; Network Admin; IP Config In this example, my gateway is A default route can use the value for the Network field.
  2. Next, Go to Network Admin; NTP. Select Enabled as the mode. Put in the IP address of the NTP server.
  3. I use  ”http://us.pool.ntp.org/” which has an IP address of
  4. Next step is to update the timezone on your switch. Go to Network Admin; Timezone

In this example, my time zone is -6. So I use -360 as my timezone offset. (-6 x 60). Finally, double-check if the system time and date have updated by going to the system information page

If this does not work, check the parameters you’ve set, especially the IP route and NTP server IP address. Make sure you also saved the settings. Power cycling the switch often helps.