How can I reset my TPDIN® product to factory defaults?

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TPDIN-Monitor-WEB: Hold down the reset button while powering up the TPDIN-Monitor-WEB and hold for 15 seconds then release reset button. This should set the unit back to factory defaults.

Note: Resetting to factory defaults doesn’t affect the IP address settings.

-TPDIN-Monitor-WEB2 and the TPDIN-Monitor-WEB3:

  • Power up the unit. Wait at least 20 seconds. Press the reset button and hold for 10 seconds to reset to factory defaults.
  • If the reset button is held for longer than 30 seconds, the unit will roll back to the last stable factory firmware.
  • Only use this if the unit has an unrecoverable error.


  • There is a button on the top of the controller labeled FACTORY DEFAULT.
  • Pressing and holding this button for over 5 seconds will reset to factory defaults.