Saving Power via Time of Day and Periodic Power Cycle Control – TPDIN-Monitor-WEB

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Sometimes your RemotePro® system doesn’t have enough power to keep your equipment alive for 24hrs per day and you really don’t need, for example a camera, to be powered on at night. Other times you want to be able to reduce your investment in solar panels and batteries because your equipment only needs to be powered up during certain times of the day.


With the TPDIN® Monitor you can program Relay 1 (CH1) and Relay 2 (CH2) to operate only during certain times of the day. To set the unit to power up equipment only during certain hours connect one side of the power going to the equipment through Relay 1 (CH1) or Relay 2 (CH2).

Then set the Time Control for an ON time and an OFF time. The equipment will turn on at the ON Time and turn off at the OFF time.

This will reduce the daily power consumption by only turning on the equipment during the hours that it is needed. In the example on the right, the Relay 1 will turn the equipment on at 6AM and off at 9PM. You can also combine both time-of-day control and periodic control by using both the Ping Control and Time Control. For instance, I may want to power up my camera and wireless only once every 30 minutes during the daylight hours for 3 minutes to transmit an image and then shut them down to conserve power. This can be accomplished by using the Ping Control and Time Control together.

  1. Set the Time Control for the desired-ON time and OFF time. In this case it’s ON at 6AM and OFF at 9PM
  2. Set the Ping control to ping a non-existent IP address.
  3. Set the Every(secs) to 180. This defines the ON Time for the relay. In this case we are setting to 180secs or 3 minutes.
  4. Set the Fails = 1 and Wait(secs) = 0.

  1. On the System Configuration page set the Cycle Delay to 1800 this defines how long the Relay will be Off. In this case it’s 1800 secs or 30 minutes.