How Tall is the Mast?

The Mast is 18’ off the ground to the top of the mast top extension.  

Do cameras come with the trailer?

Tycon does not sell Cameras. We are a power company and provide a mobile power solution for you to power your preferred camera and security systems.  

Do you provide connectivity?

Tycon does not currently carry a cellular router/modem. Most customers have a preferred device that they can use on our trailers, we provide the power to operate your device.  

What wires run through the mast?

A The mast is custom made with 2x Cat5 cables and 6x 14awg wires running through the harness which provides a data path from the top of the mast to your deck enclosure and also sends 12v 24v and 56v to the top of the mast for your convenience...

Can I run my own wires through the mast.

Unfortunately the Harness that runs through the mast is maxed out and cannot be added to. You can do almost anything you need to with the 2x Cat5 cables and 6x primary wires that are custom manufactured into the harness.  

I added a camera to my trailer, what can I do to cover the extra power draw?

Our MobileSolarPro trailers are designed to be modular, they can grow with your needs. You can add solar panels up to a total of 4 panels, you can add a second battery bank up to a total of 8x 12v 180ah batteries, and you have the option of...
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