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Discover the Power of Remote Solar Systems and Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) Solutions! At Tycon Systems, we’re excited to explore our UPSPro® series with you! These systems are designed to provide battery backup power wherever you need it. In areas where power is available, but up-time is a necessity, the UPSPro® is a great way […]

Tycon Systems: Free System Design Services and Off-Grid System Analysis

Tycon Systems is a leading provider of off-grid solar energy solutions. We offer free design and performance analysis of systems with up to 2.2KW of solar.  Our free system design service is a great way to get started with solar energy. We will assess your needs and create a custom Off-Grid solar system design that […]

Learn About Tycon Products

Tycon Systems specializes in remote power equipment through solar and battery backup, low-voltage DC power conversion and power supplies, and wireless point-to-point bridges. This might be familiar to some people; however, it can also be daunting when trying to select the right components to provide power to your devices. How can you learn more about […]

Learn About Our Different Charge Controllers

A charge controller is used to regulate and control the voltage and current coming from a DC energy source like a solar PV array or DC power supply into the battery or battery bank. There are 2 types of Charge Controllers:  PWM  A Pulse Width Modulation charge controller regulates the power produced by the Solar […]

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