Can the EZ-Bridge be mounted indoors?

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The EZ-Bridge is designed to be used outdoors.  The enclosure and design are weatherproof, and the units offer long life in outdoor environments.    We understand that some people may want to use the units indoors. This is perfectly fine. One possible use might be to create a wireless bridge in a large warehouse instead of stringing cable.

Another use might be to create a short distance wireless bridge between two structures with the antennas mounted near a window or in the attic. At short distances, the EZ-Bridge can be installed in an attic or room.

The signal easily penetrates normal wood framed structures or windows without tinting.   Metal walled or concrete structures create a signal barrier and probably will require outside or window mounting. Tinted windows also create an obstacle for microwave signals.  Bottom line is to try it and if performance and signal levels are acceptable, then all is well.