How can I connect two separate networks across an EZ-Bridge Ultra?

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It is possible to have two separate networks connected through the EZ-Bridge Ultra

  1. You can have an EZ-Bridge Ultra connecting a network at the Local side with a network at the Remote side, using two routers, one router (Local) and one Router (Remote). The Routers can both be DHCP Servers.
  2. It is necessary to block the DHCP so the Local router and Remote router will not give IP addresses across the wireless bridge.
  3. DHCP uses UDP Port 67 and 68. On the two EZ-Bridge® Ultra, you will need to set up a firewall to drop packets on wireless LAN UDP Port 67 and UDP Port 68.
  4. Go to Network Tab.
  5. Configuration Mode: Select “Advanced.”
  6. Expand Firewall and select “Enable” and Select “Drop”, IP Type: UDP, Port: 67 and 68 twice

Note: Blocking ports 67 and 68 will block the discovery tool, meaning it will not see the unit on the other side of the bridge. The discovery tool uses ports 67 and 68 for discovering the units. It will also block Windows network discovery of printers and folders across the bridge. You will only be able to see networked devices on the same network.