How do I access the EZ-Bridge® to change settings?

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The EZ-Bridge® comes from the factory programmed to be plug and play.

If the units are installed and powered up, they will automatically bridge the networks.  If you want to change settings for any reason, you should refer to the user guide that came with the unit. If you can’t find the user guide, you can download the latest user guide on the product pages on

The EZ-Bridge® has an embedded web control panel which is accessible via any web browser.

In order to access the web control panel, the computer IP address must be on the same subnet as the EZ-Bridge® IP address.

The EZ-Bridge® comes with DHCP enabled at the factory.

What this means is the EZ-Bridge will get it’s IP address from your router, if available. If the DHCP server is not available, the EZ-Bridge® will default to and

(Please note that the units will only attempt to get an IP address via DHCP upon power-up, so a power cycle will solve most problems with DHCP. Always cycle the power on the unit closest to the router first, wait two minutes and then power cycle the remote unit.)

Tycon offers a free Discovery tool that will help you find the unit’s IP Address on your network.

You can find the Discovery tool for your model at on the Support page here:

If the discovery tool won’t work for you, you can download from the internet a free IP scanner such as “Angry IP” or “Advanced IP Scanner”. These scanners will scan your network and show all devices connected to the network. The EZ-Bridge will show up as “Compex” in the network scan. Once you know the IP address, type it into a browser to open the EZ-Bridge control panel.

Please keep in mind that you can only open the control panel with a browser if your computer IP Address is on the same subnet as the EZ-Bridge. The subnet is the first 3 sets of numbers in the IP address: ie;