Can I have a router on both sides of the EZ-Bridge® link?

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Yes, on the internet side of the link, the EZ-Bridge® would be connected to one of the LAN ports on the main router. On the remote side of the link the EZ-Bridge® would connect to the WAN or INTERNET port on the router.

The remote side router needs to be configured to get its IP addressing information from the main router. Normally the remote router will get it’s IP address automatically via DHCP but sometimes it’s necessary to program a static IP into the remote router so it will communicate properly with the main router. You may need to contact the router manufacturer to get instructions for working with two routers.

We highly recommend that you have a working EZ-Bridge® link first, before attempting to add a second router. If you can’t get the second router working, we suggest you bring the second router to the first router and connect the two routers with a CAT5/6 cable. Work with the router manufacturers to get the two routers setup exactly how you want and then replace the CAT5/6 cable connection with the EZ-Bridge®. The routers should work the same.