How can I setup a Repeater on an EZ-Bridge LT or LT+ running WISPOS software?

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Setting up a repeater is relatively easy. It is used when you have three or more units and the third unit cannot communicate well with the main Access Point, so you set the intermediate unit as a repeater. This is useful when you need to go around corners. Repeater mode is only available when using the WISPOS firmware. With the new TYCONOS firmware, there is a new function called MESH which will accomplish the same thing. Unit 2 (Client – Repeater); Unit 3 (Client)

Note: All three units must have the same security setting. Same encryption and key. Also, same channel width Unit 1 is setup as an AP. It is the unit located at the internet/ Network source location. Unit 2 is setup as a client. On wireless basic settings page. Click on – Repeater Enable – Repeater SSID = Unit 1’s SSID. Set Repeater BSSID = Unit 1’s Mac Address. Unit 3 is setup as a client. Unit 3 is associated with the repeater unit. Unit 3 BSSID = Repeater Mac Address