How Can I Determine If My EZ-Bridge Antenna System is Working?

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There are different ways on checking if your EZ Bridge is working. After following the instruction manual on setting up the EZ Bridge, you may check if the EZ Bridge is working by:

  1. Checking the LED lights at the bottom of the antenna, if the antennas are linked to each other, you would see this LED pattern: Green, Green(off/blinking), Red, Amber, Green, Green.
  2. You may also connect a computer with its Wi-Fi shut off to antenna B and check for internet connectivity. If you have internet, it means the EZ Bridge is working.
  3. Another way is to run the TyconOS Discovery tool on a computer that is either connected to the same router as Antenna A or Antenna B, if you see both antennas, then it means the EZ Bridge is working. (