My TyconOS/Ultra Discovery Tool Does Not Run!

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The TyconOS and the Ultra Discovery Tool needs Java installed on your computer in order for it to run.

  1. Please download the latest version of Java on their official website “
  2. Once you’ve installed Java you should be able to run the discovery tool.

If you are running Windows 7 and the discovery tool Does not run, you would need to use a different network scanning tool like Advanced IP Scanner “

The EZ Bridge will show up as “Compex Systems” under the manufacturer name.

If you get the message: “Unable to transmit discovery message” Check your network connectivity and ensure that no other instances of this program are running,

    3. Check all the running programs in your task bar, and make sure the discovery tool is not running. You may also restart your computer to make sure that no other instances of the discovery tool are running.

If when you’re opening the discovery tool and a different program runs (like Internet Explorer asking you to download something or Adobe Reader shows up), you will need to make sure that .jar files are associated with Java. Jarfix is a small program that you can run to reassociate .jar files with Java. You can download Jarfix here: