My EZ-Bridge was working but now it keeps dropping connection or performance has degraded. What could be the problem?

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If your system was working but now seems to be sluggish or it is dropping connection, the most likely culprit is that some new wireless device was added in your environment and there is wireless interference causing the issue.

The EZ-Bridge ships with default set to Channel 6. If you are experiencing issues, the first thing to do is to try to setup the units on a different wireless channel.

To do this, on the Unit A the AP you navigate to the units web page: Network >> Wifi >> Edit, then select a new wireless Channel. You only need to set the channel on the Unit A which is configured as an Access Point (AP). The other unit will automatically follow about 5 minutes and re-establish connection. Before you change channels you might want to see what wireless interference the units might be seeing by running a site survey from the units web page. This will show what possible sources of interference are in your area.

To do a site survey, go to Network >> WiFi and click on SPECTRUM or SCAN depending on which unit you are accessing. The unit will scan the wireless environment and will return a list of possible interference sources in about 2-3 minutes. It will sort in order of signal strength. You want to avoid any channels near the top of the list (Strongest signal strength). Keep in mind that there are other sources of interference that will not show in the site survey. These sources are things like wireless video units, baby monitors, wireless telephones. If you still have issues after changing channels, you are left with having to do some trial-and-error channel selection to find the best performing channel in your area. The last thing you can try is re-locating the EZ-Bridge to a different physical location to see if that helps your performance.