How do I set a Static IP address on my EZ Bridge Antenna?

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You may set a static IP address on an antenna by going to its web interface.

Go to: Network >> Interfaces >> LAN (section) >> Edit

  1. Here are some tips on setting up a static IP address on your EZ Bridge Antenna on a private home network.
  2. IPv4 Address: IP Address of Choice
  3. IPv4 Netmask: Usually for private home networks
  4. IPv4 Gateway: Usually your DHCP Server or router’s IP Address
  5. IPv4 Broadcast: Usually same as IPv4 gateway but replace the last digit with .255
  6. Use Custom DNS Servers: You may use your router’s IP address or a custom DNS server. Leave this blank if you are unsure.
  7. The rest of the settings you can get away leaving it on defaults.
  8. Accept Router Advertisements: Unchecked by default.
  9. Send Router Solicitations: Checked by default
  10. IPv6 address: blank by default.
  11. IPv6 gateway: blank by default

Here’s an example: