How do I access the EZ Bridge’s Web Interface?

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You can access the EZ Bridge’s web interface by going to its IP address.

By default, the EZ Bridges are set as DHCP clients, meaning they will be assigned an IP address automatically by your router or DHCP server. If for any reason the EZ Bridges do not get an IP address, they automatically assign themselves the IP addresses found at the back of the antenna ( for Unit A, for Unit B).

You may use the EZ Bridge Discovery tool to find the antennas in your network. Any network scanning tool will work as well. Make sure you are using the appropriate discovery tool for your EZ Bridge.

  • TyconOS Discovery Tool V2.6 for EZ Bridge LT+ and Dual-AC
  • WISPOS Discovery Tool v1-3-5 for EZ Bridge LT
  • Ultra Discovery Tool for EZ Bridge Ultra

Instructions on how to install the discovery tool can be found here: