How can I secure SSH and Telnet on the EZ-Bridge

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If you want to tighten the security of accessing the EZ-Bridge unit through a terminal program like SSH or Telnet, we recommend the following:

  1. Set the listening port to a custom port. Any port other than 22 or 23 would work. We suggest port 899. Hackers looking for vulnerabilities will often scan common ports like 22 and 23. If your SSH is listening on a custom port number it’s less likely to have a hack attempted.
  2. Disable “Allow Root Logins with Password”. This is only used by the most advanced user and typically will only be turned on as needed.
  3. Disable “Password Authentication” – Disable this only if you don’t need to use SSH to access the unit.
  4. Disable Telnet completely. Telnet is an older technology and doesn’t provide the level of security as SSH.