Can I store data on my computer?

The TP2700WC Pro Weather Station stores 4080 data sets in its memory. The sample rate can be set by the user with 16 sec. intervals as a minimum. When memory on the device gets full, you need to download the data to the computer or else the display console will overwrite the data, overwriting the oldest data first.

Downloading is done automatically when the unit is attached to the computer through the USB and the Weather Smart software is started. The amount of data you can store on the computer is unlimited. The Weather Smart software can display the data in various graphs, or it can be exported to Excel if desired for analysis.

For the TP3000WC, the data is meant to be stored online at one of the popular weather sites like Weather Underground. Storing the data in the cloud has many advantages:

  • You can access the data from anywhere in the world.
  • There is unlimited storage.
  • The data is securely stored to avoid loss.