Benefits of Pneumatic Masts over Crank Masts on Mobile Solar Trailers

Benefits of Pneumatic Masts over Crank Masts on Mobile Solar Trailers:

Convenience and ease of use: 

 -Effortless Operation: Pneumatic masts raise and lower using compressed air, eliminating the need for manual cranking. This is especially beneficial when dealing with heavy payloads or repeated raising/lowering cycles. 

 -Improved Speed: Pneumatic masts can raise and lower significantly faster than crank masts, saving time and effort. 

 -Reduced Fatigue: With no manual cranking required, users are less likely to experience fatigue, which is especially important for continuous deployments.   


Safely and Reliability: 

 -Controlled descent: Pneumatic Systems offer smooth, controlled descent, reducing the risk of damage to equipment or injury to personnel. 

 -Locking Mechanism: Pneumatic masts typically have a locking mechanism that engages automatically, as is the case on the Tycon MobileSolarPro®, ensuring secure support even when the air pressure is released. 

-Reduced Wear and Tear: Pneumatic systems have fewer moving parts than crank systems, resulting in less wear and tear and potentially longer life span.   


Other Advantages: 

-Portability: Pneumatic masts often have a lighter weight and a smaller footprint than crank masts, making them easier to transport and store. 

-Versatility: Pneumatic Masts can be used in various applications, including antenna deployment, security cameras, surveillance, lighting, and more. 

-Reduced Noise: Pneumatic systems operate quieter than crank mechanisms, making them a better choice for noise-sensitive environments

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