Our new TPDIN-POE-RELAY is a unique device that provides a way to control up to 10A of current from a managed PoE Switch or other PoE device. When PoE is applied to the TPDIN-POE-RELAY, the relay closes and the LED turns ON. When PoE power is removed, the relay turns off and the LED turns OFF. There are two connections, a normally closed and a normally open, so that both relay logic states can be utilized. Many modern PoE switches allow an operator to enable or disable the PoE on a particular port. This PoE switch function can be used to control the relay. The unit features a Gigabit Data Passthrough with surge protection to protect the data connection up to 30KV. It mounts to a standard DIN Rail commonly used in industrial installations.

This device can be used in an endless amount of applications.

Typical applications include:

  • Switching on cooling fans when temperature exceeds a setpoint in the PoE Switch
  • Switching on a water pump remotely
  • Turning Wireless Equipment On/Off
  • Sensing AC voltage with a PoE Inserter and switching to failsafe power when AC goes down
  • Starting a generator
  • & more!!

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