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Finding the right RemotePro solar kit or UPSPro battery backup system can seem a bit daunting.  However, Tycon Systems provides complimentary system designs so you can determine which system is best for you.

In order to find the right system for your application, we need to know the part numbers for the devices you’re powering and the location where you’re installing. Providing part numbers helps check the data sheets to verify power consumption and voltage requirements. Location also plays an important role in calculating the system size. We find the peak sunlight in your area by searching by the zip code or city/state/country. We use the lowest month of the year. That way we know it will provide enough power for all your devices year-round.

Each system comes with an enclosure, solar/charge controller, AGM or Lithium batteries, solar panels (for RemotePro systems), mounting equipment, and all the battery and solar cables needed.  Basically, everything you need to provide off-grid power or battery backup power except for the pole and the cables to your personal equipment. We do provide a 7’ mast/pole for our 720W + solar panel arrays. 

We have several outdoor-rated enclosures including polycarbonate, aluminum, and steel enclosures varying in size based on the application needs.  Each system and their respective enclosure will be able to support the weight of the batteries with room for the solar controller and other electronic equipment you may need. Check with our support team if you need additional space for more equipment.  

There are many different sized solar arrays. We determine the amount of the solar panels needed based on the peak sunlight in your area. They include 15W, 30/35W, and 85W solar panels, as well as 170W, 340W, 720W, 1440W and 2160W solar panel arrays. The battery bank keeps the equipment powered at night and includes a 9Ah battery, all the way up to 1440Ah battery bank. They can wired to provide 12V, 24V or 48V output; depending on how many batteries you’re using.

The solar/charge controllers are the brains of the RemotePro and UPSPro systems, in which the panels, battery and load will all connect.  There are 8A PWM solar controllers that can provide 24V or 48V passive PoE power, mostly used for radios, WAPs, or bridges. We also have MPPT controllers that have the capability to change settings inside the controller, and have more amperage capacity starting at 20, 30, 40, and even 60A of power.  To ensure the most power efficiency we provide 12V, 24V, and 48VDC output depending on the application. 

We always want to make sure our system designs work for each application year-round.  Feel free to reach out to systemdesign@tyconsystems.com to get your expert system design. 

You can request system designs from this page: https://www.tyconsystems.com/request-system-design 

Check out our calculator page: https://tyconsystems.net/calculators/

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