The Benefits of Using PoE

Why PoE?

PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology was developed to create a more efficient setup for devices that are in hard-to-reach places. Through PoE, an Ethernet cable allows you to run power and data through one single line.  

Previously, you would have to install power outlets nearby or have electrical cables running up to these places. These solutions can be costly and clunky. Not to mention, the maintenance of electrical infrastructure can be quite expensive. Using Ethernet cables is a more flexible solution that won’t break the bank because it removes the need for nearby power outlets.       

Most schools and businesses have network cables already installed, so you can utilize the existing infrastructure to connect to your devices via PoE.    

For larger organizations, Internet Service Providers, and IoT (Internet of Things), safety regulations around electrical power mean that changing electrical infrastructure involves a lot of red tape, not to mention the costs of an electrician. With PoE, you don’t need to be an electrician to install the equipment, because most of it is designed to just plug in and use safely.    

One of the most obvious advantages of PoE is that it cuts down on bulky cable clutter and makes for a more professional environment. A neat and clean setup certainly makes your office, classroom, network closet, or installation look sleeker, but it’s not just about looks. With fewer cables, it’s also easier to maintain and troubleshoot, since you don’t have to unravel and sort through a pile of cables.   

In general, if you must choose between a wireless connection and a wired Ethernet connection, take your network’s security into consideration. A wired network connection is always more secure since wireless connections are more vulnerable to interception.    

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